We are a 4-piece variety dance band featuring both male and female vocalists. Our large repertoire is comprised of a danceable mix of current and classic pop, rock, swing, blues, R&B, Latin, etc. The band has been performing at dances, clubs, casinos, resorts, summer concerts, and corporate events under the names "ALIAS" and "Calico Ridge" for the past several years in venues from San Diego to Bakersfield and Laughlin, NV.     We adopted the name ALIAS to avoid any confusion about the fact that we are a variety band - not a country band.   Regardless of which name our customers prefer, we play the same wide variety of music designed to please diverse dance preferences. 

You will find LIVE video clips of our band on either of our websites at and  Just click on the "Latest Video" link in the upper right hand corner of the opening web site page.    We have included only live clips so that you can get a true impression of our sound and variety without any studio enhancement, vocal overdubs, drum machines, etc.   Please excuse the background crowd noise and the video camera sound quality as this is not a processed studio recording.      

 We look forward to talking with you about coming events at your convenience.    

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